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You might be wondering why I chose such a title for my blog?
There is a lot of things people don't know about me... I have a lot of 'inward' struggles that I go through day-to-day. I'm sure most people do. But I need a release place; a place I can go to when I feel 'under the weather', a place where no one can judge me, a place where I can feel safe. And so I've created this little place.

Thanks for taking a bit of time out of your day, to take a step into my head... x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I can't even remember what I blogged about! Everytime I promise to blog more, things end up getting all crazy! We are sooooo busy at work. But it should calm down a bit now.

The things taking up alot of our time was the Golf Day we did for a charity... wow! It's stressful planning a Golf Day. It was yesterday, and went pretty well. Except for the guy helping us organize...all he was interested in was taking up all the limelight, and he ended up making his name shit during the prize-giving last night cos he is definately not one to talk in front of people.

Tomorrow is my birthday and this is the first year I'm not even looking forward to it. Reason: Hubby & I have still not been paid for February. So we are battling. All our stop orders have gone off, and there's been no money so they've all been rejected. Hubby is so depressed and so am I. We can't go through anymore, and yet it seems that the bombs keep dropping on top of us, one by one.
My BFF said that she is going to buy meat and booze, then we are gonna braai by our place tomorrow - but i really don't want to. How embarrasing is that? Your friend must pay to do something on your birthday?!

I'm going first thing tomorrow to get my papers done for the payout for my trust fund. And im sending it in tomorrow. They said it gets released once im 25...and it couldn't have come at a better time... A little sooner would've been good, but i have to hold on just a little bit longer. So hold thumbs that they pay out asap because we really need this. Then I'm set for quite a while.

I've been on Simply Slim for 19days now...It's going reasonably well. I am losing... but apparently not as fast as most of the people on it. I think that has to do with my water intake. I HAVE to increase it... i just have to! Going to do some research now...

Anyway, here are the stats for my 19 day loss so far:
I'm only noting my loss...

Waist - down 4cm
Hips - down 4cm
Bust - down 3.5cm
Thigh - down 1.5cm
Arm - down 5.5cm
Total = 18cm lost
Weightloss = 3.5kgs

Hope you're all well...

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